Study Room Design Inside and Outside Bedroom Area

Study Room Design Inside and Outside Bedroom Area Study Room Design Inside and Outside Bedroom Area

The best bedroom idea is perfect combo with the study room design. According to the name, study room is a designated space for learning and working with some bookshelf as the companion. Computer set is the compulsory furniture in this study room. But, how to make it fit with your personality and preference? Here, we suggest you several techniques in decorating and replenishing your existing blank space into a perfect study room that can deliver your mood up and get your highest point in your school subject.

Study Room Design Inside and Outside Bedroom Area

The first bedroom study room design, the avid book collector, tends to replenish the room with the big and compact bookshelf hanging in above the long console table with computer on it. The first row is full of books then the second row is left empty to display the ornamental collection from your vacation and the other pin-ups that you have. The white radiance of this room combine with the wooden floor color making you comfortable and focus when you studying.

The second design of study room, the alley, tends to make a separate side between the bookshelf and the working space. In the corner of the alley, loveseat sofa is compatible to be placed to fulfill a nice vignette in this room. This type of study room is must be built at the separated room or alcove to avoid so many disturbances. Then, the third is the ordinary console table with cabinet on its base with lamp desk, laptop and nice cotton cushion chair to make your studying atmosphere is cozier and intimate.

If you want to go bold and simple, the fourth and the last, you may diminish all the ideas of putting any cabinet in your study room. Just put an elongated countertop that usually comes in kitchen as your console table in study room. With a proper lighting by two or more gooseneck wall sconce, you can make the good ambiance to increase your study mood. And it would be better if your study room designs for teenagersĀ are being painted in white and black color as the contemporary ideas struck on.

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