Indoor Flower Pots and Other Green Plants

Monday, October 24th, 2016 - Decorating Ideas

Any of you of course want to have a nice interior design in your home. Your decoration will affect the look on your room whether it makes it look comfortable or it look not too catchy to be seen. Beside the good decoration of the furniture placement sometimes you need to put indoor flower pots in your home to help beautify the look on your room. You can have both big and small plants inside your house with various kinds. With the life plant inside your room, it will be more alive and you can feel the nature.

Indoor Flower Pots and Other Green Plants

When you decide to have indoor flower pots inside your house then you need to pay attention to a few things to keep your plants grow in your house. Make sure you always taking care of your flower. There are many kinds of flower you might want to put inside your house. Some of indoor flower plants you want to consider for your house are cyclamen, streptocarpus, jasmine, kalanchoe, begonias and amaryllis. Cyclamen has butterfly blossoms and heart-shaped leaves that make it a Christmas favorite plant. It has chilly temperatures no warmer than 65F, with indirect bright light, well-drained soil, and foliage that keep it dry.

The kind of cyclamen that mostly available is florist’s cyclamen (c. perscium) it has red, purple, or flame flower boast with a white blush. Streptocarpus is an orchid like flowers which enticing and its long period bloom makes the plant so beautiful, when it settled in cool, indirect light, it can be quite tolerant of occasional neglect. Jasmine gives bright light during the day and cool night time, it has complement as the scent of holiday conifers with the subtle sweetness. Kalanchoe is bursting with star-shaped flowers ranging from yellow to purple if you keep it in direct light. Begonias especially rhizomatous and winter-flowering begonias are stimulated by decreasing daylight. Amaryllis is kind of popular for gift because its bulb does not require chilling to produce beautiful flowers, to initiate its growth you must place the flower in bright sunlight and water, cooler site for commence growth for the flower and will prolong the blooms.

If you already decide the kind of indoor flower pots for your home now you need to decide in what kind of pots you want to plant the flowers and the green plants. You can choose ceramic flower pots for your flowers. With the ceramic pots, your flower and its planter look luxurious. Ceramic pots have very interesting patterns, available in variable of colors, and also made in various unique shapes for you. You can either have the big pots or small pots, it depends on how tall/big the flowers you want to put. If you want big flower pots then your plants must be placed over the tile of your house, if the plant is small then you can place it in the window sill, table, or over the fireplace mantel. Beside the ceramic pots you can put your flower plants in another kind of pots like stone pots, plastic pots, fiberglass pots, or metallic pots with various shapes.

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