Functional Attic Rooms for Small Attic

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 - Decorating Ideas

Attic maybe become a pretty challenging place to do a makeover, but with a little bit of creativity you can make a special attic rooms. The room might be little bit cramped for you which usually living in the bigger space. The challenge of attic lies in its slanted ceiling and the small space. But that is the fun in remodeling your attic. The attic is small means you don’t need to put lot of things to make it great. Acknowledge the slanted ceiling and think of it as great friend for your redecorating.

Functional Attic Rooms for Small Attic

We will find out the perk of attic first. The attic is small but that is what makes it easier to decorate. You can easily paint the color and do the flooring. Choose the right color and everything else would be great. Then the next is the furbishing of the room. Because of the small and compact space, you must decide on the function beforehand. For example, an attic rooms designyou should put a bed, drawer, and a set of small desk is enough and you should not put big cabinet and sofas, unless you have big attic. Then you have to deal with the slanted ceiling. The ceiling can be troublesome when the height is just right on your head. But the perk is that slanted ceiling can also be modified into a great sunroof for natural room lighting.

A small attic can be used as small reading room. The attic is painted minimally to express the wood pattern. The ceiling has sticking out wood planks, but that gives a unique statement of an attic reading room. The room is furnished by a regular sized cabinet, a working desk, wall cabinet, and small couch to laze around. The right and left sides of the room equipped with windows to let the sun go through the room. You can also use attic as your kid playing room. The small room is suitable for children. The design is really simple. Putting a bed with a curtain fixed on the ceiling and put a toy box or two to accompany your kid. But be careful while installing the window. Make sure you put a safeguard so that your kid won’t have any accident when playing near the window.

You don’t need specially made attic room swhen you are decorating your attic. Your normal furniture should do just fine, just like the other room. Simple coloring is also enough for an attic. Stains do great for wooden ceiling and the flooring. Just keep it simple and you will get your functional attic.

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