Bookshelves design with modern, vintage, and beautiful design

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 - Decorating Ideas

Bookshelves design for a contemporary house sometimes could be very simple but captivating. Treating your books like artwork pieces could do wonders, such as the design in this image. Using sky boards as shelves, the design gives lovely wavy patterns on the wall. Various books with different cover arts and sizes were placed on top of the fluid-like shelves. The sky board shelves also support some framed photographs. The combination gives a lovely, creative impression in the room dominated with white. The design was complemented by the simple layout of the room, consisted of double-seated sofa in white and blue.

Bookshelves design with modern, vintage, and beautiful design

In a room dominated with black and white, a pop of yellow would be an attention-grabber. The bookshelves design for small space in this image shows the arranged bookshelves around the door. The door gives a focal point in the room with its lime yellow color, while the shelves frame it with a jet-black color, giving a sturdy impression. The combo of yellow and black creates a stylish, modern look. The decoration, such as storage boxes with red and white, give a nice addition into this design. It suits a small space, where a wide, full-fledged bookshelves design could be too overwhelming. This design offers a solution for a limited space with its simple but great look.

An out of the book idea in this bookshelves design has stuns so many eyes. The idea is to give a retro look to the otherwise plain bookshelf. The bookshelves design ideas with retro telephone is a homemade project of a lovely vintage boutique. It is a simple do-it-yourself project, which you can apply to your own house. The supplies are very easy to get. You only need one or two old phones, thin metals, flathead screws, drills, and hot glue gun. The stylish book idea is a great addition for your house with a bit of vintage touch.

The unique, lovely grand piano bookshelves designwould give a grand and classic look for the house. This bookcase comes in solid wood board with mahogany wood. The strong, sturdy impression was created with its quality craftsmanship. This beautiful bookshelf would surely steal all the attention in the room with its grand design.

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