Bookcase Design with Innovative Concept for a Book-Addict

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 - Decorating Ideas

For a bookworm, a bookcase might become an integrated part of their reading activity. A systematic and neat book arrangement makes an easy access for whoever expected to read them. Sometimes, there’s a feeling of contentment in the heart of a person addicted in books, when seeing their collection displayed in a good order. Running fingers through endless titles of books, admiring the work of great authors, and enjoying reading time, is a luxury for avid readers. A great bookcase design could sometimes become a mood-booster in reading, while it also offers a joy in simply having the collections in a pleasantly, brilliant display.

Bookcase Design with Innovative Concept for a Book-Addict

Building your own bookcase design is one way to have a personal, creative bookshelf of your own. It doesn’t take a master skill in carpentry, expensive material, or complicated and extensive tools to get your own bookshelf done. With only some veneer plywood and a help of circular saw, your bookcase design plans could be built into the house. Built-in bookcases are usually made from solid wood, but the prices are quite expensive. Alternative material, like plywood with hardwood veneer, is available in most lumberyards. Plywood is less expensive and quite strong compared to the solid softwood such as pine. Veneer plywood is generally made from birch, maple, and oak. Every material has its own pros and cons. For a painted bookcase, birch is best. When it comes to natural wood grain, maple has various types of stains. Other wood material, such as mahogany, walnut, and cherry also can be used for veneer plywood, although they’re less common.

Opting for a bookcase design from stores? Many contemporary designs are available in store, with various models and innovative designs. The bookcase design ideas shown in this image has a ladder concept. The bookcases have been built with various heights in its columns, which give numerous options for book sizes. From the largest to the smallest book, the design encompasses all sizes. Slim, sleek, and simple, this contemporary design suits a small space. Its white color also gives a neutral look, which complemented any colors, shape and size of any books placed within. Some artworks, such as sculptures, photographs, and unique decorations could be added to get an outstanding composition.

Create a lovely reading atmosphere for your house with creative bookcases designs and ideas, whether you built it yourself or decided to purchase it from the store. A great bookcase design and a comfortable reading nook would become a lovely, little safe haven for the book-addict.

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