Cool Storage Ideas for Small House

Understairs Seating Understairs Seating

Cool storage ideas will give you dual benefits, storage solutions also remarkable style. Having a house in the city may face you with small space problems. As your family grew bigger, you have more things to store too. You may feel frustrated to see a lot of things make your house looks awful and untidy. Your children toys, your own books collection, or your spouse’s handcrafts are some items that cannot be just threw away on the garbage bin. So, you need other alternative solutions for your problems.

Understairs Seating
Understairs Seating

Cool storage ideas for small spacescan used some free spaces that you may not think can be so usable before. For instance, under staircase which used as bookshelf’s. You can install a fit size bookshelf beneath the stairs. Triangle bookshelf sure will be uniquefurniture’s to beautify your home. However, if you cannot use your under stairs spaces, you can use round bookshelves instead. The round bookshelf is an exact answer for not enough horizontal spaces. This designs may have various types of racks, usual flat terraced racks or racks which following its round designs.

Another alternative used of staircase is for secret storage spaces. The ideas are to create a trapdoor on one of the stairs which lead to a hidden storage. Originally, this hidden storage is spaces under the staircases. Usually, this hidden storage can be applied on wooden stairs because it is easier to be modified. Not only the under stairs, the stairs itself also can be used as storage. This storage design use the inside stairs spaces, by made stairs drawer. This stairs drawer can be good places to keep books, footwear, handcraft, or your children toys.

DVD collector could use following cool storage ideas for DVD to store their precious collections. Via has designed an admirable recessed DVD storage which framed with carved golden frame. Inside the frame, there are some square terraced to store your collections. It is also can be a fantastic way to display your DVD collection. This frame recessed storage will be perfect to places on bedroom or living room. It will not consume too many spaces, so don’t be worry to find necessary spaces.

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