Contemporary Bedroom Designs in Small Space

Contemporary Bedroom Designs in Small Space Contemporary Bedroom Designs in Small Space

Working with small space for contemporary bedroom designs is not only about having clear floor plan and smart management of all the elements inside the room. Beautifying the bedroom interior by adding some surprising color accents, patterns, lighting, and supportive outside view is also important. The following small bedroom pictures are presenting how comfortable sense is not enough for a room which is functioned as a place to relax and to sleep.

Contemporary Bedroom Designs in Small Space

Talking about interior coloring, there are some ideas of interior design with these colors, such as red, black, orang, green, and even a smart combination for a colorful touch. For contemporary bedroom designsideas for small rooms, dark is possible when it is only for a decorative accent, not dominating the room coloring. Black is only for the backdrop behind the headboard, for example. Red which may be for the duvet and curtains can decorate white bedroom. Calm coloring such as the combination of gray and black may result an elegant interior look. Green and yellow accents may represent a kind of refreshing nuance.

Besides by inviting yellow and green touches, adding some real natural items is also a nice idea. Flowers and greens are amazing to be displayed on the window, side table and shelf. Natural material such as wood is also good for a modern bedroom. It commonly works with the pure white bedroom interior when the wood accent is only for the bedroom furniture. Having a wide glass window can give you combo functions. The window will allow natural light come inside the room while, when it is not covered with curtains or blinds, presenting beautiful outside view. Green panorama is perfect to complete refreshing vibe inside your room.

Some decorative items will complete the interior decor.  One of the most favorite items is wallpaper. It looks old-fashioned, indeed, but it is actually awesome for a modern bedroom. Wallpaper should be in some parts of your wall. It can be stuck horizontally or vertically. For the alternative, headboard with pattern and patterned curtains can replace the role of wallpaper. Yes, inviting some patterns which can be floral or simple stripe may be one of contemporary bedroom designs ideas for small rooms that make your room more captivating.

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