Bunk Bed Ideas for the Boys and Girls

Bunk Bed Ideas for the Boys and Girls Bunk Bed Ideas for the Boys and Girls

For the parents who cannot separate their children’s room, the suitable bunk bed ideas will be very important. With this double bed, the kids can sleep in a room and still got single bed for each of them. For the girls, completing the bedroom with cream bunk bed with wood ladder and padded wall can make the room more interesting. Pink blankets and pink pillows can complete the bunk bed well. A small nightstand with glossy surface is decorated with small table lamp and white flowers on it. Crystal chandelier add elegant look in this room.

Bunk Bed Ideas for the Boys and Girls

Besides pink, purple theme for bunk bed ideas can also be a wonderful choice for the girls’ bedroom. Purple bunk bed with fluffy mattress and fluffy cushions is located here. Cozy chair with purple cushion is located beside the bed. To increase the beauty of this bedroom, a contemporary chandelier is hung from the ceiling. Purple drapes are controlling the amount of light which are entering the room through wide glass windows. With both lights from the windows and chandelier, this bedroom can be shining both day and night.

For the bedroom with more length, you can use the modern bunk bed with some cabinets under the beds. On the corner, you can place wooden bookshelves and wooden table for the kids’ study area. White chairs and white table lamp are completing that area. Red carpet on the hardwood flooring is completing the room. This red and white bedroom looked more appealing with red and white wall beside the bed. Your boys will be happy to stay and study in this kind of bedroom.

For the rustic and traditional bedroom, the wood bunk bed will be very interesting. Although it looked like an old and uninteresting bunk bed, but you can feel the natural atmosphere inside it. In the bedroom with hardwood flooring, wooden wall, wooden beams and ceiling, an unusual bunk bed is placed. Made of the natural tree rod, this bunk bed looked asymmetric. The rod ladder is completing this bed. Classic iron chandelier is shining the bedroom. White mattress and pillows on the wood bunk bed ideas for small rooms are very comfortable.

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