Baby Boy Room Ideas in Blue for You

Many parents usually will choose blue as the color theme in the baby boy room ideas for their beloved baby boy. Since there are various design ideas with this color theme, you will need to choose carefully. Simply choose the most suitable idea which you want to use. For the simple nursery room, you can just paint the wall in light blue color and decorate it with some small star-shaped murals. Place a white crib with blue crib skirt near the wall. A small star mobile is completing this crib. Mom can feed the baby boy by sitting on the comfortable white rocking chair beside the crib. The blue blanket and star-shaped pillow can be placed on the chair. This star themed nursery will suit the baby boy’s taste well.

For the more luxurious baby boy room ideas blue, you can add some gorgeous details in the room. White closet can be placed near wall. White crib is located in the center of the room. Blue blanket and crib skirt add luxurious look in this room. Above the crib, there is a white chandelier which will shine and increase the look of the nursery room. Beside the crib, blue sofa and white changing table are located. Some rattan boxes are stored tidily in the changing table. Blue curtain makes this blue themed room more appealing. Besides in white, the wooden crib will also suit the blue nursery idea. Simply use the blue skirt and blanket on the wooden crib to complete it. The DIY blue framed photos are hung on blue wall above the crib.

Using the darker blue color can be a good thing too. On the wall, you can add interesting owl mural which makes this room cuter. Wooden crib and wooden changing table will suit this baby boy bedroom perfectly. On the corner, a cozy chair with footrest is located. Wooden drawer with blue rattan boxes inside it makes this blue owl themed room more appealing. Brown carpet will complete the flooring treatment. Besides the natural light from two wide glass windows, there is a bright lamp on the ceiling to shine this example of interesting baby boy room ideas well.